8 Interesting Facts About Kikuyu Lawns

Posted on 14th October 2012 in Uncategorized

Considered as one of the most popular and efficient lawns, a Kikuyu lawn will never fail your expectations and it is perhaps the best choice if you want to install a quality lawn in front of your house. Having a lawn will increase the value and curb appeal of your house and it will definitely make it look more visually appealing as well. This article will present you 8 facts that you probably didn’t know about Kikuyu lawns:

1.    Used almost everywhere. Kikuyu lawns have both residential and commercial uses. Not only that those lawns are used by a lot of homeowners but commercial facilities use them too, such as schools, parks, gardens and so on. That is because they are very soft and they make fallings more “comfortable”. Most sports fields use this type of lawn too for the same reason.

2.    Regenerates quickly. In the case it has been damaged or ran over, Kikuyu lawns will grow back quickly and as healthy as before.

3.    Little requirements. When it comes to lawns, it is important to know their requirements as well. For example, Kikuyu lawns don’t require too much water in order to stay healthy so basically it has a high drought resistance. Also, they don’t require a lot of fertilizers as well in order to stay weed-free. This is an excellent feature and homeowners can save money on the long run if they select this type of lawn.

4.    Protective capabilities. All lawns help replenish the supplies of oxygen but Kikuyu lawns can also delay the spreading of fire if they are placed around homes.

5.    Don’t worry, be happy. Did you know that scents and aromas of freshly mowed lawns can make people happier and worry-free? This is not only available for Kikuyu lawns but for all types of lawns.

6.    Delightful appearance. Kikuyu lawns look succulent, glossy and soft as well and they are very appreciated by kids and pets because of this. Especially if they are well maintained, Kikuyu lawn can stay in an excellent condition for many years.

7.    Best when it is hot. Did you know that Kikuyu lawns are used especially in warm seasons because they look the best on these periods of the year?

8.    Sun light resistance. Not only that Kikuyu lawns can resist and stay healthy using minimum quantities of water and fertilizers but they also don’t require too much sun light compared to other types of lawns.

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