A Crash Course on Installing Quarter Sawn Oak Flooring

Posted on 30th November 2010 in Home & Garden

Roll up your sleeves and get ready for a lightning-quick crash course on the DIY installation of oak floors. Once you’ve completed all the steps below, you’re guaranteed to complete installation of your home’s plank flooring in just one weekend.
Step 1 Go shopping. Start with the type of oak floors you’d like to use, quarter sawn oak flooring is a great one. Plank flooring may be pre-finished or unfinished. Pre-finished flooring costs more, but it also means you get to save yourself from hard work since you won’t have to apply the finish or a new stain on your own.
Consequently, unfinished hardwood flooring is generally cheaper but the lack of finish also leaves your flooring more vulnerable to all kinds of damage, may they be spilled food, pet urine stains, or humidity.
Review your options by researching online about the different types of oak floors available in the market.
Step 2 Now that you have all the materials you’ll need, the next list of items you have to tackle are the supplies, tools, and equipment or machinery you have to purchase, rent, or borrow. Basic flooring installation would probably require no more than some hammers, nails, and a saw for cutting planks to fit edges and corners.
Power tools, however, may be needed if you decide later on to sand your brand new oak floors or apply a new finishing coat or stain.
Step 3 Eliminate all sources of distraction and prepare yourself to work hard! Flooring installation can be easy, but it won’t be quick even if you’re planning to use unfinished oak floors. Make the rooms you need to have new flooring installed entirely off-limits to everyone at home unless they want to help out.
Step 4 Follow directions. The Internet can readily supply you with step-by-step instructions for installing oak floors. Print them out and follow them to the letter. Don’t even think of taking a shortcut. It’s safer to follow what experts advise!

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