A Quick Guide to Table Lamps

Posted on 16th October 2010 in Home & Garden

Often when interior designing, there needs to be some element that can help to create some focus in the room. Table lamps are a great way to achieve this; they will cast an interesting pattern of light on the wall and break away from the dull uniformity of more even lighting.

Ever since humans first discovered fire we have been fascinated with light. At night there is nothing more pleasant than the warm glow of a nice lamp. Lights have evolved over time, from the blazing antler chandeliers of past ages to modern electric lights. Table lamps should be selected with careful consideration given to form so as not to purchase a lamp that appears top or bottom heavy.

First decide what the function of the lamp will be. If its purpose is decorative then a different lamp will be needed than if a lamp was needed for a specific purpose such as as when studying. For students, the very common hinged reading lamps are very effective as they can be swung into place. Within the next decade they may even take on new functions projecting information. Until then, the wide range of applications that lights have is still incredibly huge. In many instances the function is less cut and dry with the lamp taking on a range of roles. In this case it’s worth spending a little time to find the right balance of traits.

The next most important consideration is the shade. Granted in many instances can be changed and swapped out with other shades, but nevertheless picking the right one to begin with will save money. The reason the shade is so important is that it will influence the way the light is cast across the room, and subsequently the mood. Different lamp shades will have a different effect. The shade can be made of many different materials from fabrics and papers, to wood and metal, depending on the style of the lamp.

Taking the time to pick the best lamp for the setting is a worthy investment. Done right, a single table lamp can make all the difference on how a room looks and greatly improve the overall appearance.

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