A Well-Placed Hidden Key Safe Can Get You Out of a Pinch

Posted on 10th November 2010 in Home & Garden

Have you ever been locked out of your home?  It’s not a good time, is it?  You just got home from a lousy day at work, you’re kids are freaking out that they want to get inside and watch TV, and you’re just sitting there contemplating whether or not it would be more expensive to have a broken window replaced, or hire a locksmith to come out and let you inside.  Indeed – good times.

You know, you can prevent this unfortunate scenario from ever happening (again).  All it takes is a little foresight and a small investment.  What we’re talking about here is using a diversion key safe to hide somewhere outside in your yard that not only blends into the environment, but also locks your key up.  These key safes come available in a few different forms, however, the most common that you’ll find are those resembling rocks.

If you go with a rock safe, it’s well worth the money to make sure it genuinely looks, feels, and most importantly holds up like a real rock.  If your thief is clever, and sees that your rock safe isn’t really a rock, he’s likely going to want what’s inside.  Cheap brands can be shattered with a sold toss to the ground.  Heavy-duty brands, like the RocLok can take a pounding with a sledge hammer and still protect what’s inside.  Yes, they cost a little more money, but this is one of the few things in life where it truly pays to spend on the added value.

Even though you’re not doing anything cheesy like hiding the key under your mat, you still want to be careful.  Don’t yourself a target.  You never know who’s looking at your house.  You don’t want to get too used to using your hiding place, and have a peeping Tom blow your cover.  Save using your key safe for emergencies only, and you’ll have yourself a solid emergency lockout system.

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