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Posted on 14th April 2011 in Core Aerators

More and more homeowners agree that aerating a lawn can really grow healthier plants. This is because you are loosening compact soil which makes water penetrate better to the plant roots. Plant fertilizer can also reach the root tips better plus air can circulate to bring fresh oxygen as well. Loosening compact soil may also mobilize decomposers like earthworms and bugs that are needed for plant growth.

Soil aeration may be done by hand with a small rake. However if you have a large lawn or garden it is more efficient to have a machine aerator to do the job. A machine aerator however costs a lot so many lawn experts recommend lawn aerator rental.

Tool rental shops are not new. They rent out carpentry tools, electrical equipment, power tools and also garden tools and equipment. You can search for the nearest one in your area by going online or by looking at directory listings. Not all hardware shops have tool renting service so it is best to go online first and search using your city or zip code.

Tool rental shop policies are often filling out personal information, making a deposit using your credit card for the tool and leaving a copy of your ID. Renting out a tool however, require training before you can take it home. In the case of an aerator rental, ask how you can use it and any special tip to make it work efficiently. Ask for any safety precautions you need to know and also safety equipment you need to wear while operating the machine. Tool shop personnel will also be glad to assist you with any questions you may have on how to use other tools to make your lawn or garden better.

Aerator rental for a machine aerator may require the equipment to be delivered to your home so arrange for a complete description of the route to take to get to your address.

You will have healthier plants in no time thanks to a lawn aerator so go to the nearest tool rental shop today.

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