Adding Warmth Without The Cost; Fire Pit Tables and More

Posted on 17th February 2012 in Outdoors

Planning for a renovation can be quite costly, especially when the renovation is going to be on your backyard or other outdoor space. The cost of hiring contractors, architects and developers or planners can ruin what once was a lovely starter plan to renovate any outdoor space.

Many people choose to build their backyard space by themselves, which can be very economical, but also can lead to disaster if not planned for thoroughly and properly. Although there are many things that you can do by yourself, there are some elements such as breaking up concrete or restructuring a building that sometimes may require the help or assistance from a contractor or licensed professional. This another reason why planning projects is absolutely crucial. If taken by the seat of the pants, a reasonable renovation could cost you more than you bargained or budgeted for.

In a standard backyard area, you can have concrete and grass or planted elements already situated. It is important to plan for or against having these areas in your renovation. Do you have the desire to rip out concrete platforms? Do you have the resources to create and pour a new pad if you decide to rip out the old one? Also, it is important to think about the leveling of your yard or outdoor space. Most people don’t think about this element before it’s too late. When rain or snow comes into play, it is typical to want to create an escape route to which the water or residual snow can settle or pass through your space. There would be nothing worse than to create and renovate your new space to find a watery, muddy mess in the center or even worse- a snow packed wall against your new fire pit area or seating. Obviously, there is no guarantee that you will be able to create a space that is safe from all of mother nature’s elements, but overall if you take thought in creating rock barriers and well planned ditches you can be sure that you are taking precautions in avoiding issues.

Once you have determined whether or not your yard is level, you can start to process the layout and design. Incorporating elements such as fire pit tables, counter tops, plush seating and fountains or water features can really make your outdoor space seem more glamorous and resort like in feeling. Shopping for these elements can take some legwork, or you could choose to go online and see several options without leaving your home. This is probably the easiest way to research the look, pricing and material options you have for the elements that you wish to put into the space. Making comparisons online can be tricky though, if your not careful. Double check the manufactures warranty, shipping costs and delivery date and carefully consider your spacing and ground level. You don’t want to put a fire pit so close to the edge of the pool that people can’t walk around it. Also, do you want glass or faux wood inside your fire table? Or do you want the real wood to make it a heat source for when cooler temperatures kick in? Elements such as fountains and ponds need constant upkeep and can be draining on your electric bill. Making a list of all the elements that you want to incorporate can really put the price point and your budget skills in line.

Whatever you end up doing, either hiring a contractor or making the leap to do the renovations yourself, make sure you stick to a cohesive budget and do your research on elements that you want to incorporate. Otherwise, you may end up with a less than desirable result.

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