Advantage of Liquid Aerators

Posted on 2nd June 2009 in Aerating Liquids

Liquid aeration is very different from the other types of lawn aerators (You can learn about by viewing other articles.) Liquid aerators have soil conditioners in them that break up hard clays and loosen the soil. They also reduce crusting, and help sandy soils to aggregate giving you an improved loamy density for water retention and root drevelopment. The grass roots then are able to deepen in the soil reaching more nutrients & water. This strengthens the roots & the overall lawn. Now your lawn can more easily fight off disease, bugs, and weeds.

Most liquid aerators contain natural compounds that actually help the environment. They make the soil more hospitable to microorganisms and earth’s natural aerator, the earthworm. They are also usually fairly safe around kids and pets.

The best liquid lawn aerator has a few advantages over mechanical aeration. First to maintain the aerated effect for longer, liquid aerations adds humic acid and mycorrhizae to their aerator. These aid the soil in recovering from any toxins from pesticides or herbicides that may be in the soil. Another advantage they have is that they push sodium beyond grass roots. Most lawns are too high in sodium (usually from watering), this can be a major compacting problem for lawns high in clay content. Sodium encourages compaction in high clay content soils & also reduces nutrient absorption. With a good liquid aerator you can avoid these negative affects of sodium by pushing it past the root system of the lawn allowing your healthy green grass to thrive.

One application of liquid lawn aeration is a great start, but you may need to do a few in order to create a more permanent effect. Just like any other forms of aeration, you must use liquid aerator on a regular basis for a happy healthy lawn!

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