Artificial Indoor Plant Growing Lights For Seedlings And Plants

Posted on 5th February 2011 in Home & Garden

Seedlings and plants require sunshine for growth for about 10 hours a day. Unfortunately providing them that much natural lighting is not possible in the colder regions of the globe. So if you happen to be living in such a region that experiences the full four seasons you will need to create an indoor garden for growing plants and seedlings. And to compensate for the lack of sunlight you will have to install artificial grow lights for indoor plants. Fortunately there are several types of plant growing lights you can use for this purpose.

A low price grow light for seedlings is the T5 grow light bulb. These light bulbs are very energy efficient and produce less heat. You have to suspend them a couple of inches above the seedlings and they emit a white spectrum light which is ideal for creating the required growing environment. The disadvantage of these bulbs is you need to place one per flat of growing seedlings.

Another plant growing light is the Metal Halide light bulbs which emit light rays of violet blue spectrum that look like the natural springtime sun. They are very good at stimulating the growth of new plants and one lamp is normally sufficient to light and heat one plant room. These light bulbs produce a lot of heat so one of them is sufficient to heat one room. However this means you have to keep it away from the plants as not to overheat them.

A similar plant light to the metal halide is the high pressure sodium bulbs which mimic the natural sunlight late in the season. These sodium bulbs emit light rays of orange red spectrum. One 400 watt bulb is sufficient to provide the heat for a small area. For a larger greenhouse you may require a 1000 watt sodium bulb.

The most energy efficient grow lights you can find in the market today are the LED grow lights. They don’t produce much heat and you need to place them about 11 inches from the plants. This should be sufficient to produce growth in most cycles of plant’s life. However you will have to buy more of them than other lights if you have large number of plants.

What type of plant grow light you should choose depends on what you are trying to do. You need a natural type of light to stimulate plants whether just wintering over your plants, starting seedlings, or encourage active bloom production. To simulate day and night, I would also suggest you buy a timer with them.

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