Benefits of a Lasagna Garden

Posted on 16th July 2011 in Gardening

Digging and tilling the soil is arguably the most tiring part of starting a garden. Not only does it take a lot of effort, it also takes a lot of time. Many people who actually want to get into gardening are turned of by this since they feel lazy to dig and till the soil they would need to start the garden. This is why the Lasagna gardening method is getting more and more popular among many people who are in the hobby of vegetable gardening. This method is practical since it allows you to save time and energy by its no dig and no till method.

Lasagna gardening has nothing to do with Lasagna aside from the idea used behind it. When preparing Lasagna, what you do is put your ingredients into different layers to come up with the delicious pasta. The same technique is employed in a Lasagna Garden. You actually layer the materials you are going to use on top of the plot of land you are going to plant your garden on. You would not have to dig any compost pit or till the soil so you end up saving more time and more effort.

A lot of people also prefer Lasagna gardening since it is very environment friendly. The components used for each layer are organic materials that are usually household and backyard wastes. The first layer is usually cardboard or newspapers. And the other layers are a variety of kitchen scraps, leaves, manure and other organic materials. So you end up with better waste management and at the same time, nurturing your soil without the use of chemicals and such.

Keeping a Lasagna garden is definitely easier and more hassle free. Not only do you save energy, you can also save time. The environmental benefits are very important too, and when you finally get to harvest your vegetables you can be sure that you have the best produce since it is home grown and all natural.

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