Benefits of using Ironite or Iron for Lawns.

Posted on 25th November 2010 in Lawn Care

Adding iron to lawns that are iron deficient can drastically improve you lawn. Iron for lawns, most commonly know as ironite, is very important for lawns. If you have tried in vain to get your grass to grow in dark green but haven’t had much success, this is probably due to the the fact that your lawn does not have enough Iron in it. Iron greens your lawn with out the use of fertilizer. This means you wont have to mow every third day just because you added iron to your lawn. Another benefit of iron is that it kills moss in your grass.

There are basically two types of lawn iron. One type is organic and the other is synthesized. Organic iron is also called chelated and non organic is called non-chelated. Although some people think the organic is better because it can also contain a lot of of micro nutrients, I has notice that they both work about the same.

Organic iron is more readily broken down and absorbed into the soil. However, organic iron can also have the negative effect of turning concrete orange. Synthetic iron is cheaper and a lot of time they can be mixed. My favorite brand to use is called from Lilly miller or ironite. The cheapest brands have slivers that can irritate your eyes and skin. If you can taste a blood like flavor in your mouth while you are applying the iron, this is because we have iron in our hemoglobin. Don’t be worried about it, just try not to breathe so much of it in or wear a face mask.

Putting to much I on you lawn can turn in a gray color. If this happen to your lawn, just water it a lot and the color should be back to normal in a week or two. Iron poisoning can occur, but it most cases your lawn should recover.

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