Buying a brown area rug

Posted on 16th October 2010 in Home & Garden, Uncategorized

Brown is a neutral color that can be used in any room in the home. Chocolate colored rugs have become very popular over the last few years and decorators are using it more often than ever before. The same can be said for brown rugs. Brown rugs give a rich deep luxurious feeling and can make your home feel more stylish.

Brown area rugs come in a variety of shades of brown. They can be a very dark brown, almost black color, to a very light, almost tan brown. Sizes of the rugs vary also. Small area rugs can be 3 x 5. These would be appropriate in front of back doors, in front of a kitchen sink, or in a small bathroom. A common size rug, 9 x 12, would be great in a larger den area, an office, or under a table. The larger size rug, 13 x 21, would be the centerpiece for a great room anchoring the furniture and fireplace together. One important thing to consider when thinking of the size of the rug is that the room must be large enough to accommodate the rug and still have areas where the original flooring can be seen. Otherwise, the area rug will look more like carpet.

Imagine a large cathedral ceiling family room with huge floor-to-ceiling windows and a stone fireplace. Now add a large rich deep dark brown area rug and suddenly the room takes on a different feeling. Depending on the furniture you add, you can make the room very lodge-like with oversized couches, club chairs, and heavy wood bookcases. Or you can make it very chic and modern by adding a long low couch, shiny metal chairs, and a glass coffee table. Either way, the brown area rug holds everything together and makes the room cohesive.

Area rugs are a great way to finish off a room. Whether small or big, the rugs add texture, color, and most of all a great sense of design.

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