Check Out The Hozelock Auto Reel

Posted on 8th December 2010 in Home & Garden

Everybody needs a sensible way to store garden hose – and many choose a from of hose reel. Now, Hozelock hose reels are quite popular, and I can understand why: They have a large variety, as well as great features; and to my mind, it all comes together perfectly in the Hozelock Auto Reel.

What is it? A retractable hose reel for your garden hose, but with a difference. This is not a manual-crank model; it is semiautomatic! When you need to use the garden hose, you simply pull the hose out to the length you need, tug it with a fast movement, and a springloaded mechanism activates a lock which holds the hose in its current position. When you are done with the hose, just pull again, and the spring kicks in and starts pulling the hose in. All you have to do is walk back with the hose, until it is all rolled up on the reel. Very simple, and it works great.

The Auto Reel comes in 2 models right now – 4 from spring of 2011 – and these range from 10 to 40 meters of anti-kink hose, also from Hozelock. They even included fittings in the deal too.

I would use something like the Hozelock Auto Reel by having more than one – positioned in opposite ends of my garden. This way, you avoid hauling a hose reel cart around, but can simply water everything that can be reached from one hose first, then roll it up and move over to the second Auto Reel, or third even. Does a solution like that cost more than a reel cart? Probably – but then how do you put value on the limited time you have in your garden every day? This is definitely a product that gievs you more quality time in your garden.

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