Choose Your Pond Fish Food Wisely

Posted on 21st November 2010 in Gardening

You must consider many things before deciding what to feed your pond fish. There are many different choices to make when choosing the correct pond fish food and this is often an area that budding hobbyists get wrong.
One thing to consider is the breed of your fish. If your fish are carnivorous then they will need more protein in their diet than vegetarian fish. Check the labels on pond fish food to see what they contain in order to provide the correct diet for your fish. Also choose the correct size of food. Some pellet food will be too big for your fish to eat if they are small even if it contains protein and vegetables in all the correct ratios.
You must also take into account the age of your fish. Make sure when you purchase them you ask their age and what they are being fed. Older fish have different dietary needs then their younger counterparts and your local pond supplier or garden centre can advise you here.

Consider the availability of food for your fish also. If your fish have never eaten fish pond food before and have been raised on live foods then they may not readily eat what you want give them. If however, your fish have been raised on dry food then there will be no problem except to find out what kind of food they like. Find out first what the fish are eating before you buy.
Beware though, certain fish foods contain ingredients, which in fish waste become toxic to the fish, or boost algae growth. Speak to someone who can advise you when it comes to feeding your fish the best diet.
A backyard pond can add value to your property as well as being a relaxing area of your garden where you can unwind after a hard day. A garden pond once matured, will provide you with years of beauty and tranquillity and your fish will thrive.

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