Wardrobe Closet Organizers Do It Yourself Tricks

Posted on 17th October 2010 in Home & Garden

Remember the last time you moved? Chances are, you realized early on that you owned a whole more clothing than you realized. You might have been able to get rid of some clothes then, but chances are, you simply loaded all your clothes up in one fell swoop and relocated them to your new home. Back to square one! Do yourself a favor and get on the spring cleaning bandwagon. Consider minimizing your wardrobe with only the clothes you wear. It’s a brilliantly simple idea is it not? Yet it will make keeping your wardrobe closet organized a million times easier.

With that extra space, you’ll quickly see there’s room for improvement at this point as well. After getting rid of clothes, I always like to tell my clients that the addition of a few key closet organizers do it yourself tricks and tools will make all the difference in keeping your wardrobe organized for the future, not just the day you initially cleaned it out. Here are a few of my favorite organizer tricks:

Install a Rubbermaid Wardrobe Organizer
This wardrobe organizer from Rubbermaid will give you multiple shelves to work with and an awesome closet rod that expands from 4 to 8 feet. This is not small closet storage shelf and will actually take up much space. It’s perfect for a closet that needs a make over from the ground up. Get rid of your flimsy closet rod and check out this fantastic wardrobe organizer.

Use Freestanding Storage
If you’re bedroom or house can accommodate the extra space, why not add an extra closet to the room by purchasing a free standing wardrobe closet? The budget for this purchase is wide open. Those needing to save money can look for an inexpensive canvas based mobile closet, such as those from Whitney or Honey Can Do, whereas those looking for a long term solid solution should look towards the solid wood armoire option, such as those from Idea or Prepac.

Cheap Tricks
For those seeking simple yet affordable solutions, here are two very cheap tricks. First, buy a second closet rod and install it below the original closet rod. This is a super easy trick that basically doubles the amount of wardrobe closet space you have available for hanging clothes. Secondly, buy a hanging set of closet shelves, sometimes referred to as storage cubes. These will attach and hang from your closet rod and give you a spot for clothes, socks, underwear, or folded items. You can even put shoes on them. Both of these objects together cost under $50!

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