Considerations When Building Lawn and Garden Storage Shed

Posted on 18th January 2012 in Storage Sheds

Finding storage space outdoors for lawn and garden equipment is a common issue for most homeowners. Many have realized the benefit of constructing a storage shed themselves; to save money and customize storage features. These structures can be used to store garden equipment, lawn mowers, bikes and even outdoor furniture. Keeping outdoor items in an enclosed space will protect these from the inclement weather conditions as well as the preying eyes of wood-be thieves.

Storage sheds made out of metal are long-lasting. Wooden sheds are another popular choice among do-it-yourselfers as they require tools and equipment that most homeowners already have. Building a storage shed from scratch is a do-it-yourself project in which you can also involve your friends and especially kids. Storage shed construction plans and kits are available in home improvement stores providing your step-by-step instruction guide outlining each phase of construction with pin-point accuracy.

If you want to build a shed from scratch without relying upon any design plan, here are few important things you need to take into account:

  • Base frame or flooring has to be rock solid. Earmark the floor space accurately to avoid any errors at the last minute. You must pay special attention to cover any holes and leveling the ground where your storage structure will stand. It is an important stage of the construction process and therefore requires maximum attention.
  • Many a times building a shed door that is sturdy and provides amble protection is one aspect of shed construction that gets overlooked. Cranky and misfit doors end up undermining the overall functionality and purpose of the shed itself. It is also important to factor in the size of the door. A small-sized door will defeat the purpose of constructing the shed in the first place if items like bikes or lawn mower are not able to pass through the entrance.
  • Lastly, roof of the storage shed has to be made out of sturdy material keeping the weather in mind. Using a metal roof will help protect against heavy rains and snows.

Construct a shed keeping these important points in mind to get a firm and quality structure on your property.

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