Dethatcher Rentals – Become Practical and Care your Lawn

Posted on 16th February 2011 in Home & Garden

Mostly people used dethatcher in their lawns. This is a very good tool that used in maintenance of lawn. It removes thatches from your lawn, which is a type of unlike grass that prevents the supply of nutrients and water from surface to roots of actual grass. So dethatching of lawn is actually better process for growth of grass.

A lawn dethatcher machine consists of four sets of blades that rotates vertically and striking with the ground surface. There is a pulley in engine which helps to rotate blades. It function is just like a brush that remove thrashes from area of operation.

Dethatcher rentals depend on your need, whether you want to use for some hours or days, so it differ with prices. The rental price of a dethatcher depends on its type and time. This may ranges into various rates, usually in $50 to $100. This price is for daily use, there are some companies which also charges according to hours. Similarly weekly and monthly packages are also offered. Normally dethatching takes two hours in a regular sized lawn. If your lawn needs at least two times thatching in a year then it will be costly for you. It is better for you to synchronize with your neighbored, take dethatcher rental for a day, use all partners so that cost will be shared in all.

Some rental service provider demands for security fee, they will return you when you return their machine. But if there is some fault in machine or it becomes failure than this security fee will used for it’s repairing. If your lawn need thatching lots of time than it is better to purchase such item. This is not so costly; it ranges up to $100.however this investment would be covered within few years. In last, try to do thatching on your lawn at time when it needed, some late operations may cost you more.

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