Different Uses Of Garden Netting

Posted on 30th March 2011 in Gardening

One of the most useful and versatile items to add to your garden and yard is a garden netting. They can be used in a lot of different ways from protecting your garden produce against birds and other pests to allowing your plants flourish by giving them more space to grow. They are inexpensive and the installation is simple. A lot of people feel more comfortable when using garden netting because they are lightweight, they do not block the sunlight, airflow, or those insects that helps with the pollination, and they blend easily with your plants so you will hardly notice them.

The number of available types of garden netting may surprise you. Each type of netting has a different purpose in which to suit the different needs of gardeners. Garden insect nettings are used to keep pest and other insects that may ruin your plants out of your garden but will still allow sunlight and air to reach your plants. This is a good alternative if you are not into using pesticides and other harmful materials.

Another type of netting is the garden fruit netting which will keep birds away from feasting on your berries vegetables and fruit trees found in your garden. Although they will still allow birds into your yard, but this netting will encourage them to eat at the bird feeder instead of feeding on the crops you have worked hard for.

A garden shade netting is usually used during the hot summer days to protect your plants from the intense heat of the sun. These are really good in lowering down the temperature for some of your young and delicate plants.

Garden trellis netting is another means of netting that can be used in your home garden. This is exciting to use because it will transform your typical garden into a vertical garden. They are good for gardens that don’t have that much space for plants to grow. This type of netting is durable against all types of weather, reusable and is appropriate to use for just about any type of plant that vine or climb like for example tomatoes, peas and green beans.

Aside from uses of garden netting that has been mentioned above, there are a lot more uses for them to benefit you and your garden. All that you will need is a good imagination.

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