Best Mini Donut Maker Machine

Posted on 8th December 2010 in Uncategorized

Donuts are an all time American favorite. That is why so many people are interested in a donut maker machine. They have been found in American cookbooks as early as 1803! The generally accepted theory is that when people were cooking, they didn’t know what to do with their leftover dough. So in England, they would ball up the dough and throw it into stews and soups making dumplings. In Germany, they would fry the extra dough pieces and make little fried cakes. In Holland, the Dutch would fry the pieces as well, but they got a little fancier with their leftovers. They would knot the dough up into various shapes, fry them, and then add sugar to the outside creating a sweet treat. When the Puritans migrated to Holland, they discovered and enjoyed this tradition. Eventually, they took it with them when they traveled to the new world.

A century ago, these sweet treats were hand made at home. Perhaps a few inns served donuts as dessert, but most people didn’t eat anywhere but in their own home. Only recently has technology made it economical to mass produce food. It is a big oily mess, and a pain to make homemade donuts that its almost not worth it. When you can go to the super market and buy a dozen donuts for four or five dollars, who wants the mess in their kitchen?

However, homemade food really can’t be beat. And hot donuts can’t either. The only way to get hot donuts without making them yourself is to go to a donuts shop when they happen to be making them. However, this is inconvenient since they aren’t always working and therefore, you might miss the hot donuts. If you really want to treat yourself with easy and little mess, you need a mini donut making machine.

Donut maker machines are very simple to use, and save messes. There are two basic types of donut making machines. One is a type developed for occasional and very limited in home use. These makers work (and look) similar to a waffle maker. There are single doughnut makers and ones that make several mini donuts at the same time. The maker opens up, dough is dropped into the donut mold, the maker is closed until it says its done and you have a donut. This type of maker doesn’t require frying at all, and can be found for as little as $20. The disadvantage to this kind of maker is that you won’t get authentic tasting donuts, and they for sure won’t be as good as what you can buy at a donut shop. But if you are looking for something that is easy to use and a little fun for your sweet tooth for cheap, this could be it.

The second type of doughnut machine is almost a miniature of the huge machines you see as donut shops like Krispy Kreme. These machines have a hopper at one end where you pour the dough. The dough is then pushed through a mold out into a bath of hot oil. The donut is then fried, moved forward, and drained. And in less than 50 seconds, it is pushed out onto a plate. These machines are nicely covered so there are no hot oil spills or messes. Also, it is as simple as pouring the dough into the hopper and your basically done. There both home versions and commercial versions of these. Of course the home version is going to be cheaper and have a smaller capacity. They can turn out about 120 mini donuts per hour and cost in the range of $120 to $150. They are a great deal, if you just want an authentic donut maker for your home donut needs. A commercial machine is going to run you between $1000 – $3000, depending on the specs you want, but it you can also make up to 1200 mini doughnuts per hour! Assuming you have a place to sell, you could make up to $200 per hour (that’s gross of course) and have your machines paid off in as little as one month!

So whatever your purpose, go find a great electric donut maker machine and have yourself a classic treat!

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