Extend The Season With A Mini Greenhouse

Posted on 16th March 2011 in Gardening

It is well known that a greenhouse can help to extend the growing season.  Because of this, many gardening enthusiasts use greenhouses.  Of course, purchasing a greenhouse can be costly which is why some gardeners decide to use “mini greenhouses”.  These smaller structures are wonderful because they do the work of a regular sized structure, but they cost less and they are easier to maintain.

To get the most out of your mini greenhouse, you just need to keep in mind a few things.  Firstly, you need to keep an eye on the plants that you put in the structure.  It is best to check the plants at least several times a day to make sure that they aren’t getting too hot.  Remember that plants can die if they are too hot; they can also become damaged if they overheat.  Ventilate the greenhouse in order to lower the temperature in the structure.  If this doesn’t help and it is warm enough outside the structure, you can remove the plants.

It is very important to check the plants to make sure that they are properly hydrated.  Plants that are grown in a greenhouse can dry out very easily.  Plants that do not have enough water can wilt or even die.  You should check your plants several times during the day to make sure that they have enough water.

It is easier to grow plants with similar growing needs together in the same greenhouse.  For example, peas and spinach are good plants to grow together in a greenhouse.  They both like cooler temperatures and are considered “early crops”.  Both varieties of plants can withstand cooler temperatures outside, so you can plant them in your garden at the same time. This frees up space in your greenhouse for other plants.  If you decide to put tomato plants in your mini-greenhouse early in the year, you may need to use a UV light bulb in order to make sure that the greenhouse is warm enough.

Although this may sound like a lot of work, it really isn’t.  Of course, it is important to only consider using a greenhouse if you really like gardening.  If that is the case, you will be having to much fun growing your plants to consider any of this to be “work”.

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