Fox Urine Repellent For Your Home, Lawn, and Garden

Posted on 16th June 2011 in Pest control

Fox Urine Repellant

If you are having trouble with rabbits, squirrels, skunks, and other small animal getting into your yard and garden, there is a new solution you can use that is extremely organic and won’t harm the environment or the critters you are repelling. This product known as fox urine will repel vermin animals for up to a month. The odor of fox urine is strong enough that it signals danger to the intruding pests. Fearful animals will be repelled away from your garden. Now it is even made in easy to use granules that are longer lasting then liquids, easier to use, and more potent. This product guarantees your yards, gardens, and flower beds will be protected. The best part about this product is that it is so easy to use. You just shake it around your garden and you are done. No need to set up traps and kill and remove small animals. In addition to repelling skunks, rabbits and squirrels, fox urine repellant will also repel chipmunks, gophers, groundhogs, porcupines, possums and woodchucks.

I once had a possum crawl under my rental property and die. After a few days it really started to stink. The removal cost alone was close to $900. I would have save a lot of money if I would have been proactive and used fox urine repellant to keep these possums away. If you have every be surprised by a skunk, you would agree that using fox urine to prevent the attack would have been well worth it or at least worth trying it out. Fox urine is effective, because it uses the scent of fox urine to repel pests. The smell of the predator’s urine causes them to fear and keeps them away from your garden and lawn.. This product is 100% organic as well as being easy and safe to use.

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