Garden Decor Ideas: Creating a Pond with Garden Mirrors

Posted on 21st February 2011 in Home & Garden

Do not think that garden mirrors can only be placed on the walls of your yard. With your imagination, you can create a better illusion out of mirrors when placed in your garden. One of the best things you can make out of a garden mirror is a garden pond. This is the best alternative to a real pond especially if you do not have the budget to come up with a great water feature for your garden decor.

The size of your garden mirror pond will depend on the actual size of your garden. If you think your yard can accommodate a large pond, you can get a large acrylic mirror for this project. Otherwise, you can choose a small acrylic mirror to create an illusion of a small garden pond.

To start making the illusion, position the mirror flatly on the ground. You can hide the edges of the acrylic mirror by surrounding it with various garden decors. You can use rocks or groundcover to give a natural feel on the edges. Also, you can plant low-growing plants along the edges of the mirror to successfully suggest a garden pond even from a distance.

Besides the aesthetic touch an illusion garden pond can offer, a garden mirror on the ground can help the plants in a lot of way. The reflection of sunlight on the mirror can distribute sunlight to the whole garden. This suggests a better and healthier growth for all the plants, especially those plant varieties needing a lot of sunlight all throughout the year. Also, this reflection on the mirror can brighten up the whole garden for a more inviting and stunning appeal.

Garden mirrors are truly a gift to every garden in the world. With simply setting up an illusion pond, your garden can gain a lot of benefits already. Plus, you will be happy to know that there are still a lot of things you can use a mirror for the benefit of your garden.

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