Garden Landscaping Tips: Stone Edging

Posted on 13th May 2011 in Gardening

Most people use some type of garden edging product to solve the problem of weeds and grass invading their garden bed from the lawn. Garden edging has to be made from a durable material in order to withstand the rigors of nature’s harsh elements. Yet at the same time, it it must also be aesthetically pleasing in order to enhance your garden’s beauty that you have worked so hard to achieve. Of all the materials available for garden edging — plastic, metal, fiberglass, brick or stone — the material of choice for many gardeners is stone. Stone garden edging is both practical (because of its durability) and beautiful (because it is a natural material).

There are several ways in which stone edging benefits your garden bed. In the first place, it increases the aesthetic beauty of your garden and yard. Stone has a natural look that is timeless. It is preferred by many gardeners and home owners. In fact, its superior beauty increases the value of your landscaping, which helps you to make money from the increased property value of your house. In addition, no other material lasts as long in your garden as stone does. Stone is the heaviest and most durable material available, which increases the longevity of your garden edging and provides benefits for a very long period of time — since it never needs to be replaced.

Another attribute that makes stone garden edging unique is its ability to blend naturally into your garden bed. Since it is a natural substance, it becomes an integral part of your garden rather than some kind of fence boundary that sets it apart. Other garden edging materials will always be more noticeable because they are constructed from man-made materials.

Despite its heaviness, stone also has the reputation of being easy to handle. You can easily choose to install it yourself instead of hiring a professional installer. As long as you enjoy getting your hands dirty (as most gardeners do!), then stone garden edging makes a perfect choice to enhance the beauty and practicality of your garden bed.  You may be able to improve the edging with a manual sod cutter.

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