Gazebos vs. Gazebo Canopies

Posted on 4th February 2011 in Home & Garden

Gazebo’s and gazebo canopies are often confused as being the same type of canopy structure. Although they both provide shade and cover from the elements, they are very different structures.

A gazebo canopy is more like a shade canopy or garden canopy. It is a four post structure with a fabric top that is lightweight, portable and very simple in design. Some gazebo canopies come with more elaborate pole designs and valance tops which may account for the confusion with real gazebos.

The portable canopies are perfect for backyard parties, bar-b-ques or even the local craft fair. Anywhere you need portable shade. They come in many different styles and colors to enhance any backyard.

They are easy to carry and setup which makes them very versatile. Some of the easiest to setup are the pop up gazebos which come with the canopy top already attached. You can also mount them semi-permanently to the ground and leave them up for the whole summer. Just be aware that strong winds can rip the fabric tops.

Real gazebos are sturdier and more permanent structures. While the smaller kind can be found in backyards, many public spaces such as parks or central squares have large gazebos to provide shade and comfort for visitors.

They are usually made of wood or vinyl and permanently mounted to a cement pad or other solid foundation. The oval and octagon are the most common shapes for real gazebos. They are usually enclosed by a small railing and can be screed in if need for insect protection. It’s common to see a cupola on top of a real gazebo which gives them their distinctive look.

You can see that both structures can provide shade and comfort in a variety of settings. A real gazebo will usually cost more given its sturdier construction and permanent placement. A gazebo canopy, on the other hand, will cost less and be more portable. Whichever gazebo structure fits your plans, they will provide comfort and enjoyment for many years.

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