Green House Flowers For Hot And Cold Climates

Posted on 13th December 2011 in Flowers

An ideal solution for a garden in any type of climate or location is green house flowers. This is a simple way to grow flowers all year long no matter where you live. A green house can contain a wide variety of thriving flowers, plants, and herbs. Some of the most commonly grown green house flowers include the Amazon Lilly, African Violet, Orchids, and the Chinese Hibiscus. Both perennial, and biennial flowers can be grown in a green house. While a large number of green houses rely on solar energy, some of them are operated by electricity.

Tropical And Cold Climate Plants
The type of greenhouse plants that can be grown will vary according to the region, climate, and your purpose for installing a green house. Some hardy greenhouse plants that can withstand cold climates are Anthurium, Pinion Pine (pine nut) trees, flowering Clivia plants, and colorful Bromeliads. Greenhouse plants commonly grown in tropical climates include the Princess Tree, Bird of Paradise, Butterfly Tree, and Hawaiian Woodrose. Each of these greenhouse plants produce colorful flowers surrounded by lush foliage.

Fresh Home Grown Herbs
For the freshest cooking ingredients, many gardeners cultivate their own greenhouse herbs. Greenhouse herbs are some of the easiest plants to grow and care for. Nearly any type of cooking or medicinal herb will flourish in a greenhouse. The list of simple to grow greenhouse herbs include Basil, Chives, Coriander, Lemon Grass, Parsley, and Chamomile. Your favorite meals will taste better with fresh greenhouse herbs.

Supermarket Savings
Growing the greenhouse vegetables that your family eats will significantly slash the amount of money you spend on produce. Greenhouse vegetables are grown without harsh chemicals or toxic pesticides. More and more grocery shoppers are seeking locally grown vegetables for their dinner tables. Most supermarket produce has to travel by truck for thousands of miles. By the time you buy it, peak freshness has already diminished. While freshness and flavor are almost non-existent in these transported vegetables, you are still expected to pay premium prices for them.

Whether your love of gardening revolves around fragrant flowers, organic herbs, or fruit bearing plants, you will be pleased with the magical results of your greenhouse. The abundant harvest of home grown herbs and sturdy plants that you can grow will be more than adequate for your needs. There will also be enough green house flowers to share with family, friends, and neighbors.

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