Finding the Perfect Home Office Furniture Desk for Your Needs

Posted on 18th October 2010 in Home & Garden

When working from home, there are some fundamental items that are essential to stay organized. First, a good home office furniture desk is a necessity. Depending on the size of the area you have to work in will depend on what type, style and design furniture you should look for. Also, if you see clients or buyers in your home office, a desk that has two sides to it would be a great option, such as a long desk with a hutch over it for files and a desk that juts out from the middle allowing people to sit on both sides of it. Often these units come as modular sets so they can be arranged in several different ways to fit the area perfectly. These are usually in wood, have a keyboard tray, CPU storage area, pull out laptop tray that could be used on either side of the desk, full extension drawers with ball bearing glides of stainless steel, and file drawers that fit both legal and letter size files. Make sure there are openings in the areas that you would need to run cords through and enough of an indent in the back, if there is a sold back, in case the desk will be set against electrical outlets.

If you are not seeing clients in your home office, you have a small space or you just need a basic work area, you could consider a glass computer desk. These tend to be smaller, made of tempered glass that is very durable, usually with a coated steel frame. They usually have two levels at least, so the CPU can be set on the bottom level, or there are sometimes side pieces that jut out to the side just for this purpose. Often a top level is included so a printer could be place on the top. These are quite sleek and modern looking and perfect for the smaller home office.

Another option is an L shaped computer desk. These are desks that usually have a desk with hutch over one area and another that juts out at a 90 degree angle. They fit in a corner area. They have basically the same features of the double sided desk mentioned earlier, except that this is designed for only one person. This style can fit in a smaller office than the double sided desk. One major advantage to this style is the roomy features plus you can sit in the corner and basically have everything at hand, the computer, files, and printer. These are also modular units and the desks can either have a hutch over one side, both sides or have no hutch. The amounts of extra materials that need to be stored in the home office are the determining factor whether you need the hutch area or not. If a hutch is included, make sure the shelves inside the cabinet doors are adjustable so you can custom fit it for your needs.

Comfortable chairs are crucial when working from home, make sure you have one with lumbar support. The more comfortable you are when working; the results of your work will have a much better outcome.

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