Homemade Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Posted on 25th February 2011 in Lawn Care

Would you like to find a way to easily make some fertilizer for your lawn this year? How about if it was easy and interesting? Have you ever heard of Worm Composting?

Worm composting might be the easiest way to to make your garden look it’s best this year. It’s easy and cheap, what could be better? You can either make you worm bin (called a wormery) yourself from items around your house, or you can go online and buy a kit. Either way you are going to set up the wormery in your basement or garage. This step basically consists of putting some moist newspaper in your new bin and adding your worms (which you can easily buy online as well).

The best part is that you are going to feed your worms the table scraps that you were just going to throw away anyhow. Banana peels, left over veges, egg shells, used coffee and tea (including the filter and bag) all can be added to your bin each day for food. After about 90 days you are going to have a bin full of worm castings which is the fertilizer you are looking for.

Wormery compost is very high in nutrients which you grass is going to LOVE! You could compost your table scrapes in a heap or a compost turner but why not give the Red Wiggler Worm a chance to do the work for you? Not only are you using up your food scrapes and making good use of them, but you now have an interesting new ‘pet’. It’s similar to having a fish aquarium without the cost and high maintenance.

So set up your bin and get a couple thousand red wiggler worms and let your lawn be the envy of the neighborhood this summer. Your wife will thank you 🙂

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