Homeowners Favour Lean To Conservatories and Lean to Greenhouses

Posted on 26th October 2010 in Home & Garden

There are many property owners who are making the choice these days to construct a conservatory onto their home instead of purchasing a larger residence.  Lean to conservatories are the sun rooms of choice for these homeowners in many cases as these conservatories are very cost effective options to purchase and erect.  This means that homeowners can get the desired extra square footage onto their home without having to expend the kind of money that one normally has to for a traditional solid wall extension.

If you want to go more upmarket, even with regard to lean to sun room designs and types, there are plenty of opportunities for you to do so, but if you simply want a quality but basic lean to sun room, or perhaps a lean to greenhouse for the protection of your plants than you will be able to get something to suit you.

There are various materials that can be used in the construction of conservatories.  In actual fact a good handyman could make any structure from glazing materials and call it a sun room or conservatory, but this would most likely not be a very energy efficient structure and would be unsuitable for year round use. uPVC, timber and aluminum are the most used materials in the production of sunrooms by conservatory manufacturers.  Each of these materials is very suitable and will allow the manufacturer to construct a quality structure that will last for many years.

Of these three most popular materials, uPVC is probably the most cost effective.  Timber sun rooms are very attractive and the real advantage to using wood is that it improves with age as it is a natural material.  Aluminum is a strong material and will allow the manufacturer to construct a very secure structure, but uPVC has many advantages that make it the most popular of all these materials.  It is easily maintained in that it does not need to be painted, it can be made into any conservatory design required and above all it is cost effective to produce.

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