How Do I Know If I Need To Aerate My Lawn?

Posted on 14th August 2011 in Aerator Shoes

If your lawn can benefit from aeration, then it is a good idea to aerate it and start reaping the benefits. But how do you know if you need to aerate your lawn? Below are a few signs that you will probably need to aerate your lawn.

The first sign is if your lawn starts to get patchy. Often, this means that your lawn is drying out or getting dehydrated from lack of moisture or water. This also indicates that only parts of your lawn have roots that are deep enough to reach the water.

Another sign is if your soil is hard. Your soil becomes hard because of compaction. Compacted soil leaves no room for air spaces, where air molecules can pass through. Soil compaction also blocks out water, sunlight and nutrients from reaching deep down where the roots of your grass are. because of this, your grass becomes weak and highly susceptible to stress brought about by heat and drought.

Another important sign that you probably need to aerate, is if you are starting to see your lawn turn yellow prematurely.  This means that you do not have very deep roots, and aerating will help to stimulate your root growth deeper. A fourth  sign that you will need to aerate your lawn, is if when you water just runs right off the surface of the soil, instead of being absorbed into the soil.  This means that your ground is hard. But if you take the time to have it done, the water will start soaking into the soil rather than just running off of the surface.

You will also need to aerate your lawn if it has a lot of clay in it or if it is a hilly yard. Both of these types of lawns need to be aerated on a regular basis. Knowing all these important signs will tell you that it is time for you to aerate. The best times for when to aerate a lawn is either in the spring or in the early fall.

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