How to Choose Plants For Landscaping Your Front Yard

Posted on 26th September 2011 in Flowers, Gardening

Right now my front yard isn’t much of anything. I had started a lighted walkway that leads up to our front porch, but a few months ago someone stole our lights. Since then my front yard has really gone downhill and is in need of some serious TLC. What I really want to do is get some plants for landscaping to really add some curb appeal to our home.

Not only will planting some beautiful flowers and shrubs add beauty to a yard, it can also increase the value of a home. There are even some flowers that can provide color all year-round for your yard. Some beauties that can provide that experience are the red twig dogwood and golden willow.

In addition to the beautiful colors, they can attract birds and butterflies, which can be a delightful addition for bird watchers and those who simply love all creatures of Mother Nature. The chokecherry and silverberry plant provides shelter for birds and adds a splash of autumn color to your landscape.

Keep in mind when you’re planning to landscape your yard, you want to choose shrubs and flowers that won’t grow in height above your windowsills. Also keep in mind that flowers like Winter Iris are not the only plant that can provide color all year-round. There are many shrubs such as the evergreen that can keep their leaves even in the winter months.

If you’d prefer a tree, the Flowering Apricot tree shows off their pink and white blooms even when there is snow on the ground. Or if you’d rather have a real variety, you could simply create a garden design that blooms throughout the seasons.

Also consider the specific needs of each plant before buying plants for landscaping your front yard. Not every plant you choose can tolerate sunshine and vice versa for shade. In addition, you’ll want to think about the condition of the soil since there are some flowers and shrubs that cannot grow in certain soils.

But, no matter what type of plants for landscaping you choose, always remember they will need some upkeep. You cannot expect to just plant everything and that’s that. You will need to do some occasional pruning, watering and caring for your beauties if you expect them to thrive well and look their best at all times. Otherwise all of that planting will just be a waste of money.

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