How To Know If A Tree Is Dead and Needs Tree Stump Removal Chemicals

Posted on 18th November 2010 in Lawns and Landscaping

Tree stump removal is an industry of its own, with many stump removing products and services available on the market. But will there be a need for a whole tree to be professionally removed? The answer, is yes, and one of the reasons to remove a whole tree is when the tree is dead.

First of all though, how does one know if a tree is dead? Getting rid of a tree that is not dead can be a big mistake, especially if the owner of the tree has spent a lot of time and effort growing the tree. So knowing the signs and symptoms of a dead tree is very important. And here’s a simple list of questions to find out.

Check the season. What season is it? This is important because depending on the season, the tree can look or behave as if it is dead. Leaves may not grow, fruit may not mature, and limbs and leaves can appear dry and dead on the outside. If the season is correct, the next thing to ask is, has the tree grown any new leaves or fruit the past year?

If the tree has, then it is highly likely that the tree is still alive, and only needs more water and fertilizer. If the tree hasn’t grown any new leaves the past year, the next thing needs to be checked. Are there any new branch nibs, the greenish buds that signify new branch or limb growth, growing? The presence of these nibs mean that the tree is still alive, and only need to be given more care.

But even if there’s no nibs growing, it doesn’t automatically mean that the tree has died. A tree can still be rejuvenated, and should be given one more season of watering and fertilizing before passing the final judgement. If after one season, there’s still no signs of nib growth, and if the limbs or branches remain dry and brittle, then the tree is dead and needs to be removed.

Small trees can be cut down easy enough, leaving only a small stump that can be removed by a tree stump removal chemical. But larger trees, those taller than 6 feet, need professionals working on them in order to avoid accidents.

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