How to Safeguard Your Lawn During the Winter Months

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Winter is soon to be upon us, and homeowners everywhere must prepare their living spaces for the sometimes harsh effects of freezing cold weather. What can you do to winterize your yard so that it is more likely to come back nice and green when spring arrives? Here are some lawn care tips for how to safeguard your lawn during the winter months:

Clear Away Lawn Debris

It is important that you rake fallen leaves and pine needles on a regular basis. Besides being an eyesore, this type of lawn debris can be dangerous for your lawn. As it gets wet it clumps together, creating a suffocating blanket over your grass and blocking out nurturing sunlight. Additionally, it is very easy for fungus to grow in matted lawn debris. For those reasons, make it a point to clear your lawn as often as possible throughout the winter season.


There are a number of weeds that thrive during the damp and low-light winter months, and that can outcompete your healthy grass, turning your yard into a bed of weeds by the time winter recedes to spring. Look out for lichens, algae, moss, and liverworts, and de-weed your lawn before winter strikes if need be.

Allow Your Grass to Grow Long

During autumn, right before the cold strikes, it is a good idea to allow your grass to grow longer than you normally would (or at least to set your mower blade higher). This puts a greater distance between your grass blade tips and roots, so that when frost strikes, it is less likely to hit your grass where it hurts. Ensure proper drainage. During the winter months, it is not unusual for your lawn soil to become compacted.

Because winter is such a damp season, this compaction could very easily lead to waterlogged soil, creating a perfect breeding ground for grass-killing weeds. Aerate your lawn before the winter season, and if there are areas that are especially prone to puddling, consider adding a drainage system.

Treat Lawns to Prevent Disease

As previously mentioned, winter is the ideal breeding season for dangerous fungi and other parasitic lawn growths. You can go a long way to protect your healthy grass against disease by applying a disease prevention lawn treatment before winter. You can find such treatments at your local home improvement store.

As you can see, there are a number of things you can do to protect your grass from the harsh effects of winter and ensure it emerges healthy and green the following season so that you won’t need a synthetic lawn replacement.Follow these tips to winterize your lawn.

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