Hydroponics Gardening And Vertical Farming

Posted on 3rd February 2012 in Gardening

The world first reached its first billion population in 1830. One century later, global population ballooned to two billion. 60 years after that, total population on earth reached three billion. By 2002, just 12 years after the world population reached 3 billion, it more than doubled at 6.27 billion. According to a report by the United Nations Population Fund released on the same year, by 2050 the population will again balloon to 9.2 billion. Food will become more scarce and the environment will continue to release toxic gases into the atmosphere unless we all do something about it. Two proposed solutions that could help with both dilemmas are hydroponics gardening and vertical farming.

The continued increase of population is taking its toll on our food supply. As it increases, so does the need for food. As a result, agricultural lands to continue expand so they can meet the demand for food. But because people also need more space for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, the world will eventually run out of land space and the only way we can go is up. This will also pave the way for deforestation which contributes to global warming and possible extinction of life throughout the world, not just in humans.

Plants play a key role in all this. Agricultural plants can help sustain food supply and all other plants can be used to prevent global warming. To prevent deforestation and the extinction of all other life forms besides us humans, two solutions proposed by great minds of today are hydroponics gardening and vertical farming.

Hydroponics gardening is a modern method for growing plants. It no longer requires the use of soil which is instead replaced by gravel, perlite, coconut husk, or mineral oil. Mineral nutrient solutions are instead incorporated into water and plants absorb them from there. Research during the 18th century proves that plants can absorb minerals and nutrients directly from water. Any terrestrial or land-grown plants can be grown with hydroponics gardening.

As for deforestation, it can be alleviated with another proposition – vertical farming. The term was coined by Gilbert Ellis Bailey in 1915. It utilizes hydroponics wherein plants are grown in skyscrapers and not in agricultural lands. Today’s agricultural lands take up space and will eventually jeopardize our forests and decrease total land area available for the increasing world population. Those who propose it say that vertical farming and its utilization of hydroponics is an economical and environmental way to cultivate plant life.

Both vertical farming and hydroponics gardening are viable solutions for the world’s increasing demand for food supply and land space. Both need to be acted on right away if we don’t want world extinction to take place.

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