Info About Lawn Grubs and Lawn Repair

Posted on 15th April 2011 in Gardening

What are lawn grubs?  How will lawn grubs affect your lawn? These are question you might consider before you repair a lawn. Lawn grubs are small pest known to be a type of larvae, featuring small dimensions of only a couple of inches. The most common type of grubs is the white grubs. They named it white grubs because of its color features. Most lawn owners do not know that grubs do not actually kill off the plants and vegetation, but instead they create dry patches in the lawn, in time reducing the turfs’ resistance against weather conditions such as heat or drought.

Lawn grubs usually occur during spring and summer. The best way to kill these grubs is to use appropriate pesticides. The key to fighting grubs without your lawn taking serious damage is to spot the infestation as soon as possible and act accordingly. Apply pesticides as many times as you need in order to kill off all grubs present on your lawn. Examining your soil is very important to proper lawn development and nourishment. If you see there are dry areas of the grass make sure to examine it. You can pull it out to see if there are grubs inside. Grubs usually eat the roots of the grass.

To attain the beauty of your lawn you must be aware of the soils’ condition. If you want your lawn to be as good as your neighbors’ you can use soil supplements. Proper mix of soil, water & sunlight is the key to be successful in having a beautiful and restored lawn.

Whichever way you choose to restore your lawn, you will have no doubt been pleased with the result. You deserve to sit in your patio and enjoy the ambiance of nature with the green and healthy grass surrounding you. Now that’s what you call life after a hard days’ work!

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