Installing a Basement Bathroom

Posted on 17th October 2010 in Home & Garden

You have to admit it: sometimes, having only bathroom in the house can be frustrating. Imagine having to host some sort of event where almost everyone in your neighborhood is attending (not to mention your very own relatives). You think it would be just fine, when suddenly, as you walk inside your house, you find a number of people waiting outside your bathroom door. It is like all of a sudden, they all wanted to use the rest room all at the same time. And when you thought nothing could get worse, you suddenly realize that you yourself had to use the rest room. But since you are the host of the occasion, you have no choice but to oblige and wait on your guests.

One of the things that you could do to avoid such a dilemma is installing a basement bathroom in your house. You could opt to have another room built so as to achieve the said purpose, or you could just remodel an existing, unused room in your house. If you want to be practical, then maybe remodeling and redesigning an existing room would suit you more.

Nowadays, one of the places that people use as a secondary or extra bathroom/rest room is the basement. This would require careful planning since you are placing your added bathroom in a location that is beneath your house pipelines. You have to plan where your toilet would be. As much as possible, position it near or directly under your existing bathroom. This would somehow be helpful, especially when you are accessing the drainage. When it comes to the type of toilet to be used, you could choose to install a standard toilet, a back flush toilet or a flush up toilet. Both the back flush and the flush up toilets are rather in demand today, so you might want to look them up in stores or in the internet.

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