Know When To Plant Vegetables

Posted on 6th December 2010 in Home & Garden

One of the most fun and rewarding tasks one can take on is the planting and growing of a vegetable garden. With a little research, preparation and planning having your own garden is not only possible, but can be immensely fulfilling. The key to growing a productive and successful garden, is knowing when and how to plant each different vegetable to optimize its growing potential. Following these simple guidelines and soon your garden will produce simply amazing produce.

When sitting down to decide on your planting schedule there are many different variables to keep in mind. Your local climate is ultimately the first and biggest deciding factor of knowing what to plant and when. Usually, the optimal window to plant most vegetables is early in the spring season and more specifically, approximately four week after the typical overnight freeze. The worst thing that can happen to your new vegetable seedlings is a cold overnight frost.

The most significant factor in figuring out the perfect time to plant your choice vegetables is found through results of a soil temperature assessment. Typically, you will not want to plant most varieties of vegetables in soil cooler than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. There may be the rare seed that adapts well to colder soil, but it is still a pretty accepted gardening rule of thumb to follow. If you are living in a colder climate and still want to start your vegetables early then you can utilize an indoor greenhouse with LED grow lights to get your seedlings to the point where they will be able to withstand the cold and withstand the final frost if it comes late.

When in doubt, read the chart found on the back of the seed packet for your vegetable’s optimal planting time and soil condition. Most packets will come with integral plating information with a list of key planting times according to USDA geographical zones. Find the zone you live in and follow those specifications to increase your chance of having a thriving vegetable garden.

By keeping these three tips in mind, you can ensure you know the prime planting time for your when to plant vegetables and they are adaptable for other types of gardening as well. Planting times can make the difference between a lush and healthy vegetable garden and sickly, weak and unproductive plants. Follow these few guidelines and you will soon be on your way to having your very own bountiful vegetable garden.

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