Level Any Yard With Versatile Retaining Wall Blocks

Posted on 15th September 2011 in Uncategorized

Many homeowners like the idea of living in a house on a hill. They get a great view and typically lots of privacy. What they do not like is the sloping lawn that is not much use for anything. One solution to this problem is to install retaining wall blocks and build up the yard. With a flat surface, adults have a place to entertain and children have a place to play.

Installing retaining walls will not only allow the homeowner to create a flat yard but also reduce the risk of soil erosion and guard against landslides. There was a time when building a wall required the help of professional contractors and masons. Concrete was the best option for building a wall strong enough to hold the soil in place. Modern homeowners have the option of using retaining wall blocks, which eliminates the need for concrete.

A steep hill may require a series of walls instead of just one. The homeowners can use these terraces to create flowerbeds, vegetable gardens or decorative landscaping elements. A larger terrace can become a patio, deck or basketball court. Creative use of terraces is an effective way to get the most use out of the yard area available.

A patio close to the house is ideal for grilling outside or lying out in the sun. Many homeowners use patio pavers to build a patio for this kind of use. Some homeowners will use another terrace level for an above ground swimming pool. Surrounding a pool with a nice deck is much more affordable than installing an in ground pool. Another good use for a terrace is to build a playground. Homeowners can build stairs or ramps for easy access to each level.

Installing retaining wall blocks is an effective way to create more usable land and prevent soil erosion.

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