Making Compost Indoors and the Bokashi Indoor Composter

Posted on 4th January 2011 in Home & Garden

For many people indoor composting is the perfect solution to satisfying their need to recycle their organic waste with limited space. At they certainly seem to be all for it. What we will find is that there are a number of different ways that we can produce a good quality compost without leaving the house.

We can use a system made popular by Bokashi called the Bokashi indoor composter. This is based around a cheap product that we simply add all organic matter to. Both raw and cooked. We then make use of a layering system that includes adding in a special mix that is supplied with the bin to sort of pickle the contents. The result is no smell and no mess but a way to make compost in the kitchen.

But for the very best way to compost indoors then it has to be worm farm composting. Many people are put off by the fact that worms are involved but once begun it is a very satisfying thing to do. We will find that they do not smell and that they do not make a mess as they are totally contained within the worm factory. We only ever need to buy worms once and then they will simply increase or decrease in number depending on the amount of food available to them in the form of scraps.

The end result is a high quality compost that can go directly on to the garden to increase its quality by a large factor.

More and more people are now deciding that indoor composting is definitely the way to go and the benefits are enormous. If you have a limited amount of space then take advantage of the new technologies that are now available and make compost indoors. There is no mess or odor, just a great end product, compost.

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