Modern Home Decor Ideas

Posted on 14th October 2010 in Home & Garden

Modern home decor ideas can be very simple. This allows you to really get an updated look on whatever theme you have in your space, whether it’s country or even a traditional decor. You can also just go full out with this design style and really create a dramatic effect just by focusing on pure simplicity.

One thing you want to have in your space are grass or woven rugs. You can also go with damask rugs. This is especially true if you’re going with a traditional color such as a brown damask rug. It’s also a way to change up an Oriental red rug by getting a much sleeker design style. This is going to be in keeping with the rest of the room. Just because of the low pile of the rug it’s pretty sleek, but it does also give you a chance to add more pattern and color to your space. This is so important in the contemporary style otherwise it would just be a plain white room.

You also really need to consider your lighting. It’s important to change out your lamps every few years just because these can often look outdated. You can always get a more modern drum shade in a white linen look to update a very neutral base. The other lamps that are really popular really focus on more of a modern style. In retro design these would have been huge jar style lamps in a porcelain finish. They probably would have had some hand painting on it and this can seem a little bit dated. Instead you’ll just want to focus on a bright color such as a lime green and just keep the finish solid.

Another lighting option would be to go with up lights. This can be the typical way to really highlight a brick wall or just give an artistic look to your artwork or corners. However really up lights as lamps have become a lot more popular. You can see a lot more basket and bold designs that also double as lighting. This really isn’t the best for task lighting but it does add a lot of ambience to your space.

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