Popular Garden Shade Sail Design in the Market

Posted on 24th February 2011 in Home & Garden

Popular shade sail designs in the market sells like pancakes. Picky individuals opt to create the design that will be installed in their own yard and these designs are custom made which can take a longer time to be produced. On the other hand, certain individuals show their creativity by how they do the placing of their posts so that their canvas can be tensioned with a unique height.

Conceptualizing what you want is the first step in deciding to purchase an awning. You have to think about how well it would fit your yard. You ask questions like, “will it complement the colors of my flowers?” or “will it provide shade without compromising air flow?” You need not think about the latter question; rather busy yourself with the question of thinking about how to go about the design of you canvas.

Playing it by Height:

If you are one of those people who are minimalist in style, then opt to have your shade sails posted in alternating heights. This is the most basic design that you can do. By having your poles set in such a way that they have high and low placements will still create a balance with your canvas. The concaves of the curves will by highly emphasized but will still retain a simple yet elegant concept.

Playing it by using several Canvases:

Most people prefer using simple colors but maximizing the design using overlaps. Even if you have different shaped canvases, you can overlap them in such a way that they look avant-garde. You will never go wrong with coinciding fabrics because they are stylish and effective.

You do not need a consultation from an interior designer or a professional gardener. All you need is a bit of research and creativity. Surely, whatever you come up with will accentuate the look of your exterior.

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