Reasons To Own Teak Patio Furniture

Posted on 8th January 2011 in Home & Garden

Teak is one of the most admired and sought after woods for indoor and outdoor furniture. Not only is teak patio furniture stylish, it is durable and weatherproof. Additionally, it is practically effortless to care for. Teak is an Asian hardwood that is natural yellowish-brown in color. It is often unstained and a coating of linseed oil makes it naturally dark without changing the color. It tends to be pricey, but its long-lasting splendor and ability to survive in the outdoor elements absolutely makes it worth the value.

The genuine color of teak makes it idyllic for decks and yards, as is provides a magnificent complement to the colors of the outdoors. The wealth of natural oils gives it a refined look, even after using it for many years. The natural oils in teak help to avoid corrosion of the wooden fibers as they age, which adds to its longevity.
Another benefit of having teak patio furniture is that the oils perform as a repellent when it comes to insects that are wood boring. This eliminates the need for treatments to shield the wood from bug damage. In spite of its extraordinary sturdiness and strength, teak is not a very heavy wood, so it is easy to move.

Teak is costly. In fact, it is one of the most high-priced woods in the outdoor furniture market. This is mainly because it is imported. Additionally, the forests abroad where teak is grown are depleting quickly. Nonetheless, the degree of excellence of this wood is incomparable, as teak patio furniture will endure as much as 75 years of life, even without the use of patio furniture covers.

Teak is an oil-rich wood frequently used outdoors in the form of furniture because if its resilience and beautiful appearance. It is expensive to obtain since the demand for it continues to deplete the plantations where it grows. Additionally, the cost of importing it continues to rise. Regardless, teak patio furniture proves to be a worthwhile investment for outdoor use.

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