Robomow – Solving The Lawn Mowing Problem with An Automatic Lawn Mower

Posted on 23rd December 2010 in Lawn Care

You don’t need to waste your entire weekend in mowing your garden because Robomow can do it for you. The automatic mowing machine is competent and reliable; it takes care of your gardens so that you can sit back and relax while the machine works its way to your garden.

Robomow is fully automatic and totally environment-friendly. It doesn’t require petrol or oil and there is no fear of any harmful emissions. What a traditional or electric mower can handle, the mower can do better and give way more satisfactory results. You could count on the rain detectors to avoid mowing while it’s raining which is another advantage of mower over a traditional one. Every product of Robomow available has a theft protection system and also a disabling system installed to gain an edge over the other mowers. Moreover, there are automatic and manual edge modes provided to cut the edges of the lawns.

There are 4 basic models of the mower – the RM400, RM200, RL1000 and RL855. Models RL1000 and RM400 depart from the base station at the set date and time, the way you scheduled it without your interference and get back to charge them for the next planned operation. This way, you can stay away from home without any worry of your lawns because the machine is there to help. 5800RPM has mulching blades that cut the grass accurately, leaving a healthy and perfect lawn behind. Besides, you don’t have to put any extra effort; the machine would make your lawn look good no matter what. There is no need to pick the clippings from the lawn; the mower even does the grass cycling. It waters and returns the vital nutrients to the lawn.

Robomow is easy-to-handle, user-friendly and extremely efficient in its work. It is all that you could have asked for to save your time and energy; lessening your labor and helping to do your job faster and better.

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