Enjoy Shaded Decks Using Canopies and Propane Fire Pits

Posted on 3rd November 2010 in Home & Garden

For someone who is fond of the outdoors, it is almost like a slice of heaven to have deck or even a patio at your very own back yard or front yard. But the outdoor weather can only afford so much and that is the main reason why the deck is not as functional as it should be. However, this slight problem is alleviated by having a deck canopy installed on your deck.

The deck canopy which is in fact only slight and partial roofing is primarily composed of two parts: the frame and the panel.

The frame is just the foundation or support of the deck canopy which allows the weatherproof panels to be lifted from the ground. The frame is popularly associated to aluminum. This material is strong and sturdy and at the same time portable. There are also frames that are made of stainless steel which is often the choice of many homeowners which finds the presence of the deck canopy on their deck settled for permanence. Stainless steel frames are strong, heavy and can withstand outdoor weather conditions even if takes on an extreme level.

The panels are made of plastic materials. You can find deck canopy panels made of acrylic or treated fabric. There are times when the panels are made of canvas or vinyl. These materials are very sturdy and strong but are quite heavy which is why often with panels made of these materials, the frame of support is made of metal.

The deck or patio is not just a decorative area of your home. You can also make it very functional to entertain guests. You can do this even when the heat of the sun is scorching or rain threatens to darken your mood for a chat. The deck canopy is also affordable and economical to weatherproof the deck as well. It has been proven true that decks with light roofing lasts longer than those with none. It is often safe to use a propane fire pit and barbecue underneath these canopies.

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