Simple and Easy Lawn Care Tips

Posted on 6th March 2011 in Lawn Care

There are several lawn care tips to follow to maintain a lush and beautiful lawn. Since it is the first impression of one’s house that any visitor or neighbor will have, it is vital to care for one’s one properly and to maintain it throughout the year. A beautiful, well-cared-for lawn will be a place of relaxation for the entire family.

First of all, it is important to mow correctly. Grass that is mowed too short can have a weak root system. It is recommended to only mow off one third or less of the length of the grass. Also, the blades on the mower should be kept quite sharp to provide an even trim. Many homeowners mow their lawn in various directions each week. This helps decrease the number of weeds in the lawn. Many also choose to mulch their leaves in the autumn as this has proven to be a wonderful natural fertilizer.

Secondly, a homeowner should make sure that his lawn is well-watered. The type of soil will determine how much water is needed. For example, sandy soil will need to be watered often because it drains quickly. However, soil formed from clay or other dense materials holds water lunch longer. Over-watering can actually ruin the grass. Areas with many trees need more water because the trees’ root systems absorb much moisture while the branches do not allow much rainwater to get through to the lawn.

Thirdly, fertilization is a key to lawn management. Healthy lawns do not need to be fertilized often since mulching while mowing can take care of this need. However, lawns that are looking unhealthy may need added fertilizers. The best choice in this category is an organic fertilizer such as manure since these are natural products. Inorganic fertilizers containing chemicals such as nitrogen and phosphorus can be dangerous for humans and pets.

These lawn care tips are just a few of the basics. However, by following them, one can maintain a beautiful lawn which will be a relaxing place for family and friends alike. Simple maintenance throughout the year will negate the need for expensive fertilizers and professional care.

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