Solar Powered Garden Lights Revisted

Posted on 9th February 2011 in Home & Garden

Up until recently, solar lights were unreliable and some, daresay, declared their inefficiencies! Years ago, a solar powered garden lights review my read something like, “The lights were dim and the charging time is atrocious. . . they do not provide adequate light and what little light they have doesn’t last long”. For many, these downfalls were keenly felt when, for whatever reason, they could not wire an area for lights. Rest assured that the new versions of the solar light has made a marked improvement! Used in the right place, for it’s intended purpose, these fixtures can actually prove to be quite useful.

While solar lights come a dime a dozen in most stores these days, if illumination is necessary one would do themselves a favor by purchasing a commercial grade unit. Although these light are sure to be more expensive, there’s much truth in the saying, “You get what you pay for.” With commercial grade, the fixtures are guaranteed to be built from quality materials and just prove to work better overall. If such an expense is simply out of the question, all is not lost; be aware of the type and placement of the solar cell used. Rest assured that a fixture with full size cells that cover the entire top area will charge quicker as well as be able to provide a stronger and longer charge. Stay away from the four small cell strips that barely cover the area because it just cannot provide the power necessary and will simply lead to disappointment.

Nowadays, solar lights are a welcome addition to any garden for lighting walkways or accenting that favorite cast aluminum patio furniture. The key is to give some thought to how the lights are to be used and most importantly, to how the fixtures are made.

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