Stevia and Vitamin B12 Benefits In Your Garden

Posted on 10th May 2011 in Gardening

Stevia is a wonderful genus of 240 different plants. It is local and endemic to South America, from the areas of Brazil all the way to the territories of Brazil. This plant has been used by centuries by the local people, and Stevia side effects definitely do not exist. However, the sugar and artificial sweeteners industry have made it quite common for people to think that this plant has some major side effects, so that it does not possibly hurt their income, as their industries are dependent on the consumer to buy their products.

Stevia benefits are vast. You can use this plant as a substitute for table sugar, and it is a much better and healthier alternative, since it contains no calories at all, and is actually between three to five hundreds more sweet than regular sugar. This makes it a perfect choice for not only diabetic people, but also for anyone. Also, as opposed to sugar, it does not become “bitter” when eaten in a large concentration. I personally grow Stevia in my own garden, and I highly recommend for anyone to go with a similar route, and not only for Stevia, but also for other plants.

Doing so, will give you the privilege of enjoying the vitamin B12 benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables. If you find it weird, you are not alone. Many people believe that vitamin B12 is acquirable only through meat products, such as fish, meat and their cousins, but the truth is that this vitamin is naturally found in plants, such as fruits and veggies, but only when eaten unwashed, since B12 is produced in a bacteria in the soil, which “contaminates” the plant and fills it with B12.

Growing your own garden, besides giving you the advantage of chemical-free consumable fruits and veggies with B12 benefits, will give you a lot of other good benefits as well. By growing your own plants, you are contributing to the planet, and saving tons of money and green energy, by not buying the grows from corporate stores, which sells genetically engineered, chemically enhanced fruits and vegetables.

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