Sustainable Front Yard Landscaping

Posted on 1st May 2011 in Gardening
There are a lot of creative front yard landscaping ideas out there for the new home owner.  One of these ideas is known as the edible lawn, which basically consists of using vegetables and other edible plants as the majority of your yard landscaping. Some families have taken it so far that their yard landscaping provides nearly everything they eat in a given day.

There is no limit to what you can do when you own property.  Anyone can tell you that the yard landscaping options you choose can say a lot about who you are.  Front yard landscaping, more than anything else, is truly the first impression that most of your friends and neighbors will get of your home.  So imagine what they will think of you when the see a yard full of fresh veggies and herbs. Picture your favorite veggies and the most colorful fruits peeking out from ever section of your yard.

Deciding to buck tradition and plant vegetables in your front yard in the form of an edible landscape is one idea that is gaining steam in certain parts of the country.  What this says about the owner is that they not only have a green thumb, but that they care about the environment and sustainable living.  They are utilizing every space, even when space is limited, to not only grow something beautiful but also to provide wholesome nourishment for the family that they love.

What could be better than walking out your front door in the morning and picking some fresh herbs and greens for a delightful veggie omelet? Using creative front yard landscaping ideas like the edible lawn is a great way to really show who you are to everyone that comes by.  Furthermore, the pride you feel from viewing and eating those beautiful plants is going to be incredible.
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