Electric Lawn Mower: A Close Look

Posted on 4th January 2011 in Home & Garden

The electric lawn mower is a highly-recommended mower for a small or medium-sized lawn. There are two basic types of electric lawn mowers – the corded models and the cordless models and the Bosch lawn mowers are one of the reputable manufacturers that has both of the models. It is easier to operate a cordless model compared with a corded one because the operator will not need to worry about tripping over the cord or running over it. However, a cordless electric mower also has drawbacks and one of which is that the mowing task may be disrupted once the battery of the mower gets empty and loses power. The operator will need to recharge the battery first and wait for the battery to be charged before the mowing task can be resumed.

The electric mower is better than the manual push mower and gas-powered mower in many aspects. Compared with the manual push mower, the electric mower is easier to operate. In addition, the mowing task will require less time and energy with the use of electric lawn mower. You will have a difficult time mowing a lawn that is full of tall grasses if you are using a manual push mower but you will not encounter this problem if you are using an electric mower. Of course, expect to pay a higher price for an electric mower than for a manual push mower.

Compared with the gas-powered mower, the electric mower is deemed more environment-friendly because no gasoline is burned as you operate the machine. Many studies have shown that mowing the lawn for one hour with the use of gas-powered mower results to more air pollution than driving 150 miles in a car. Aside from being more environment-friendly, the electric mower is less noisy to operate and cheaper and easier to maintain than any gas-powered mower. In one year, the total cost of the gasoline that is normally spent in operating a gas-powered mower is ten times more than the cost of electricity in operating an electric-powered mower.

If you want to know more about the electric lawn mower such as Bosch Rotak 34, read articles about this product and/or check out consumer reviews that are available online. If you ever need a mower, do not forget to give consideration to the electric lawn mower.

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