Creating a Pergola from Plans

Posted on 17th December 2010 in Gardening

Few could explain with certainty exactly what a pergola is. A pergola is a form of gazebo which is seen mostly in backyards and gardens. The niche style of pergolas makes it appealing to a select group of people, particularly hardcore gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts. Pergolas are practically a piece of nature themselves, comprised of wood like cedar and pine. Held together with a few nails and coated with sealer, a pergola serves as a non intrusive, earth friendly way to add a pleasing framework with endless possibility.

Pergolas are created in a number of ways. The most complicated way is to source your own parts. The wood, hardware and tools must be supplied by the user. Without prior experience, making these decisions correctly the first time is almost impossible. Help can be obtained in the form of pergola plans. These schematics show the builder what parts they need and how they need to be cut. Some even have step by step instructions on how to assemble the pieces. Even easier that that is to get a kit with everything included. Kits can be shipped with the beams and hardware ready to go. Since the holes are drilled and the pieces are cut, you will only need basic tools.

For maximum lifespan, pergola gazebos made from metal or plastic can be better.  Both plastic and metal beams can be made to look like painted wood. The beams are imprinted with wood grain lines to make them look like the real thing. This way you get the durability of synthetic components and the look of wood. Besides, wood requires re-application of paint and sealer to keep it from rotting. Dry climates can cause discoloration and chipping, while moist climates cause rot and mold. Both advanced and beginner crafters can find pleasure in creating a pergola. There is enough room under most gazebos to place some folding wooden chairs and other furniture.

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