Four Things You Can Do to Have a Better Looking Lawn This Year!

Posted on 18th May 2012 in Core Aerators, dethatching, Lawn Care

My lawn looks about 100 times better now than it did over the winter. I had a lot of dead spots in my lawn but by taking care of it and doing these five simple things I was able to make it look like a brand-new lawn.

The first thing I did was I dethatched my lawn with a dethatcher. Thatching is a great way to get rid of dead grass, it also helps to prevent lawn disease. By the way I noticed that I had a little bit of fungus turning my lawn yellow in February, so I put down some fungicide as well. After I got rid of all the fungus, then I use the detaching machine to take out all of the dead grass. If your lawn looks really bad, there’s a good chance that using a detaching machine will help it out. It might look a little bit worse at the beginning, but after a few weeks it should start to look a whole lot better. The reason why people use 80 Thatcher is so they can get a nice clean star on their lawn and so there’ll be plenty of room for new seats to grow.

The next thing that you need to do is to make sure to water your lawn. I didn’t have a sprinkler system installed in my back lawn last year, and as a result, about one third of my lawn died from drought damage. Before I could seed my lawn, I thought it was necessary to dig the trenches and install a sprinkler system. Not only will this help my lawn to stay alive, if I go out of town for a few days, but it will also help my new seedlings to come in and establish themselves. Watering your lawn regularly is very important, especially when you’re planting new grass seed.

The next thing they did was I aerated my lawn with a lawn aerator. I knew my lawn was in bad shape, it wasn’t hardly growing, and I figured I might as well go over it two or three times with a lawn aerator. This made all the difference in the world. It wasn’t instantaneous, but over the course of two or three weeks, my grass started growing very quickly.

Right after I did lawn aeration,  I put grass seed down on top of it and a light covering of Pete Moss. Then, I fertilized it. The areas where I had seated, I only put about half of the regular amount of fertilizer. Fertilizer helps out a time. As soon as the average daily temperature started hitting 70°, my lawn started growing very quickly. I have mowed my lawn three times already since the beginning of April. It is amazing how quickly your lawn comes back if you take the time to care for properly.

What are some attributes of a really high-quality lawn aerator?

Posted on 1st December 2011 in Core Aerators

If you want a high quality lawn aerator, there is a lot that you should know. First of all, you want and aerator with a Honda engine on it. Honda engine will last about three times longer than a Briggs & Stratton. Even though they can cost three or $400 more, they are definitely worth it. Another thing to look for when you buy and aerator is how well you can maneuver it. I think that a Ryan for is one of the better aerators as far as maneuvering and control goes. A Billy goat aerator is very well built except for the fact that it is difficult to maneuver. Another thing you want to look at is to read customer reviews about different kinds of lawn aerators. Some of them are better for spring aeration and some of them will aerate just fine in the fall.

The other thing you want to look at is the quality of the aerator. I am not sure if all bluebirds are low quality, but the one that I owned for three years was the worst aerator I ever had. I had to constantly repair it and spend more time on available because of small parts breaking on it than I did actually using the machine.

The type of machine you get isn’t pour into the quality of the aeration that you will be able to do. In order to get better plugs when you aerate a lawn, you want to make sure to always water the lawn well the night before, and you want to make sure that the machine has all of its weights in it. The weights, and the wetness of the soil will determine how far your aerator will go into it. Ideally, you want to get a 2 inch plug when you aerate your lawn.

Learn more about liquid aerators.

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What Is Lawn Aeration?

Posted on 19th October 2011 in Core Aerators

Lawn aeration is the process of creating holes that are about 4 to 5 inches deep in your backyard garden to allow the required nutrients to seep to the root of the plants. Hollow cylinders are pressed against the ground so as to drive soil pockets from that particular point. From this pressing, holes are created. Spikes may also be used in lawn aeration though they are not as effective as the above process. This is due to the fact that, spikes do not punch holes in the ground and hence no holes are provided for growth.

Lawn aeration is necessary due to compaction of the ground as a result of continued traffic on a particular area intended for gardening. Normally clayey areas are prone to compaction as compared to other soil type areas. Compaction causes the initial stages of the root to receive an inadequate amount of air for development. To reduce the effects of compaction then lawn aeration comes in. this is because, for a plant to survive, it needs adequate amounts of water, nutrients and air. Lawn aeration enables these requirements to reach the roots quicker and with less effort. This avoids the risk of irrigated water pooling on the surface instead of permeating to the root base. Also, some types of weeds are eliminated once you adopt lawn aeration.

In summary, to ensure that your lawn maintains a healthy plant growth and development, make lawn aeration as part of your gardening routine. This is because; lawn aeration will enable the roots to get adequate air amounts allowing for the healthy growth of the plant. Also, water and nutrients are allowed to reach the root system of the plant. Apart from that, some weed types are eliminated. So to get the maximum benefits out of your garden, practice some lawn aeration and note the difference. If you liked this article and want to learn more about aeration, Atlanta lawn care or lawn maintenance check out

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