Are Yard Sweepers Worth It?

Posted on 13th December 2010 in Lawn Care

Skeptics may argue that prices for yard sweepers do not justify the work that they were built for.  In reality, yard sweepers are quite useful for what they were made for, which is sweeping one’s yard of debris such as grass clippings and leaves.  However, it is important to note that they cannot completely clear one’s garden of litter, but can still significantly cut the time a homeowner spends on yard work.
A yard or lawn sweeper works best at cleaning big swaths of debris, picking leaves, and doing touch up jobs after general yard cleanings.  They also make the job of transporting leaves to trash bins easier, since most come with a built in waste container.  On the other hand, yard sweepers are not particularly dependable when it comes to picking leaves that are found in hard to reach areas such a fence or house line. In cases like these, one needs to go back to using the time honored rakes or resort to picking up the loose leaves manually.
It is ideal to use yard sweepers to pick up leaves after they have just fallen, which is the time when leaves are the easiest to pick and dispose of.  When leaves are left to sit on the ground for a considerable amount of time, they will start to break into little pieces.   It will take several passes for most yard sweepers to pick up leaves at this state since these tools are not designed to efficiently collect tiny debris.
Consider getting a yard sweeper if you are living in an area that has a long fall season.  These tools are also at their most effective when used in lawns that are flat and even.  It would be impractical to get one if you just rake your lawn for  only a few days out of the year.

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Choosing the Best John Deere Lawn Sweeper for Your Garden

Posted on 8th October 2010 in dethatching, Home & Garden

When choosing the best john deere lawn sweeper for your garden, you have to consider several things. First, the size of your lawn and the amount of work it requires. Second, how much are you willing to invest on it. Third, who will be doing the work, are you going to do it manually or are you going to use a small truck for it? With these things in mind, it is best to scan different types of lawn or tow sweeper that would be suitable for your needs.

These machines are categorized according to their power source, one, gas powered, electric powered and push powered. The first two need no explanation and it would also determine which one would cost more. The push powered might be the easiest to use however it can be tiring to push this all day long. Another option is the tow lawn sweeper which could be connected to a mowing tractor to make it work. But whether you will purchase a tractor is one ting you also have to consider.

A tow lawn sweeper costs around $300 and below depending on the brand and the function it has. If it is multi-functional, has adjustable bristle height and other features then it can cost more. You also want to check how wide the machine is going to be, there are 25″ to 48″ lawn sweeper available. You also need to check its internal parts like the built in shredder and the collection bag. Is it easy to replace? Would your store be able to provide you with the removable parts if necessary? What about the repairs, are that covered by the warranty. Perhaps the best person to ask which machine is the most durable is the mechanic who repairs these things. He can suggest brands that are more durable and reliable. Make sure to do a thorough test first before buying any lawn sweeper.

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